Token Music Debut on FSC Radio Library

Token Music Debut on FSC Radio Library

Who is this Token?

Token Hip-Hop is a Hip-Hop Artist from Boston Massachusetts, introduced to FSC Radio Philadelphia at by Producers United Head Shawn Patel Token produced his first album at the age of 16.  Producers United is a famious Soundcloud Comunity for up-and-coming artists looking for exposure.   Producers United has been around for sometime and still is helping up-and-coming artist gain exposure in the indie rings with the goal to gain mainstream exposure. 

Token has been featued on many tracks under the Producers United Community as well has featured many of those artist on his own first track titled The Mindstate, which features Indie Hip-Hop Artist such PacMan, Trey Peace, and Composition just to name a few.

What is Token known for?

Token is known for his cypher lyrics and comparison to Mainstream Hip-Hop Eminem.  Token delivers his smooth better some of the top Hip-Hop artist in the game. 

Token is also know for his impressive delivery of bars on the Sway Show check out this link titled token freestyle pay attention to his flow, delivery of rhymes off the top of his dom you won't be disappointed or his second appearance on the Sway Show titled Token Raps over 50 cent Beats.

Where can you find Token and his Music?

Token has been touring with Hip-Hop Artist Hopsin and now you find him almost everywhere thanks to the fame from the Sway Show and other outlets that has helped to spread his name to the masses. 

Below you will find Token's website at and you can find his music in Amazon, and Apple Music a list of places you can find token. 

When did Token start Rapping?

Token was introduced to Hip-Hop at a very early ago, Token started rapping at the age of six years old.  He first started with writing down his thoughts and emotions of events that took place in his life then next stared expressing himself through poetry.  When token uploaded his first songs he was taunted and ridiculed by fellow classmates.

Token used that energy of being taunted and ridiculed as a weapon to prove the nye-sayers wrong about his rap skils.

Why should you listen to Token?

Token is animated, organic, and explosive with his words on the mic, the proof is in his freen style, hardwork, dedication, and determination to be the best. 

Token is still hungry although he has reached stardom and has the connections with artist that can help him reach the top, to be blunt Token has not forgotten where he has come from. 

How can I help Token?

Token 's music and merchandise can be found on his website for fans of token, music lovers, or new fans of Token.  Check out his website, to get to know who is Token Hip-Hop. 

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Sam Clyde Band

Sam Clyde Band is an American Producer founded in 2009 our music can be heard on Major Platforms

        Sam Clyde Band on Reddit   Sam Clyde Band on Medium    

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