Errol Spence Jr toughest fight in Shawn Porter

Talking about what you saw in that fight that took place

What did you seen in that fight from a far?

Shawn Porter: Shawn was being pushed by his father to beat Errol due to some history.  Shawn was not using his own ruff style but an imported ruff style/boxing IQ and ring generalship where Shawn would wait for the opening and rotate Errol to through him off balance, or instead of the ruff wild Shawn Porter you saw someone who was boxing better then he did with Ogas and you also saw haymakers coming from shawn to try and get the knockout according to the marks you saw on Errol Spence Jr face.


Errol Spence Jr: You saw Errol countering Shawn Porter with some clean chin, body and jab shots, you saw Errol Spence Jr like the Mikey Garcia right try to stand there and bang with Shawn Porter which was not the best advise based on the history Shawn Porter has in making fighters look bad.


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